Adoption, not just deployment

Many organizations today use different interaction tools. Workplace by Facebook, Slack, the Microsoft package, Yammer or you have a Facebook group. For many organizations it does not work as well as hoped. The reason, you have only implemented it and not thought about how it is received. The adoption of such tools must be done correctly. In this article, I'll share the experiences I've done around the adoption of collaboration tools and provide you with a guide on to how to do it.

Adoption, not just deployment2018-11-13T21:01:49+02:00

Digitalized leaders

Leaders speak about "Breaking down the silos, Digitization and Transformation". The wanted results are not coming from digitization, but from working smarter. When digitizing It starts with the leadership. Do they have the ability to break down the barriers they themselves built? Under 10% of managers have seen their organization as a network, and they go to 1.7 people before making an important decision, one of those being themselves.

Digitalized leaders2018-11-07T16:36:50+02:00

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